Members of the Consortium for Decentralized HR and global blockchain network will be eligible for CET’s workforce platform when it becomes available. The platform offers:

  • Employee data ownership and portability
  • Compliance with GDPR and the World Economic Forum’s Presidio Principles
  • Ensuring Workplace Safety through the use of plug in devices to monitor COVID-10, including vaccination tracking, Rapid Antigen Testing, and Aerosol Monitoring devices to detect exposure to the virus.


For details of subcommittees please see the Governance section of this website

Membership Subcommittee

The Membership Subcommittee sets the rules for participation in the employee data blockchain.

Membership of the Membership Subcommittee will be by invitation to HR membership associations around the world

In turn, participation in the Consortium by companies around the world is by invitation only from the regional HR membership association. In some cases pre-approval may apply whilst the Consortium is evolving.

In turn, once the approval process has taken place and employee private data currently held by companies has been uploaded to the blockchain employees will be given access to their data and control over the maintenance and access privileges from requesting entities. See the Blockchain App in this website for more details

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A small number of pre-approved companies who are eligible to join the Decentralized HR consortium, and commence uploading their data, will be contacted shortly

If your company is not pre-approved, your HR person or company representative, may contact us to find the HR membership organization in your country or region.


To adhere to the Presidio Principle of Transparency & Accessibility platform providers are required to offer an easy to use view into the security profiles of the company owned data platform. Data owners may then understand how their data is being used and for what purpose.

If companies wishing to be accredited for international data exchange or good citizen purposes the Decentralized HR consortium will be providing a service to certify companies based on demonstrating the right technology platform has been deployed and HR data privacy practices are being followed.