Data Standards

The new decentralized era will require a robust ecosystem consisting of governance, standards, developer support, a plug-in marketplace and metadata registries and repositories.

The diagram below illustrates where HR-BCDS (Blockchain) and HR-DPS (Cloud Platform) standards reside in the decentralized HR cross-platform architecture


Evolving Data Standards Documentation

The HR Blockchain and HR Data Platform Standards are not static standards: They are intended to be dynamic and grow organically as the technology matures and clients provide feedback and suggestions for additions to the Standards.

HR  Microservices offer clients a physical implementation of the Standards on the Lightning Low Code Platform to accelerate deployment of the platforms. Other Low Code platform suppliers are encouraged to contact HR Microservices to learn how they may participate in the new decentralized microservices platform.

The HR Edge Data Standard

Currently under development

The HR Blockchain Data Standard

Database Schema HR-BCDS Version 3 (PDF)

Spreadsheet HR-BCDS Version 3 (PDF – for the CSV file contact HR Microservices)

Full HR-BCDS Verssion 3 (PDF) 

For an online Confluence collaborative version of the HR-BCDS contact HR Microservices to obtain login credentials to provide comment / contribute ideas.

For an implementation of the HR BCDS at the application level see the Blockchain Application page on this site or select from the menu below/

| My Data Menu | About Me | Emergency Contacts | My Education Details | My Banking Details | My Superannuation |My Languages | My Dependents | My Licenses | My Work Status | My Disabilities | My Passport | Vaccination Details |




The HR Data Platform Standard

The HR-BCDS blockchain is the cornerstone of an HR microservices platform. HR-DPS integrates with the HR-BCDS and delivers a platform for custom development.

An implementation of the HR-DPS developed on the Salesforce platform, as a pre-built application framework, is available to clients from For more information about the Implementation of DeHR Consortium Technology read the PDF file listed below.

Implementation of DeHR Consortium Technology

For an online Confluence collaborative version of the HR-DPS contact HR Microservices to obtain login credentials to provide comment/ contribute ideas.

HR Data Platform Standard Version 2.0 December 2020

Supporting Ecosystem

Plug In Application Store

The Apps Store for plug-in interchangeable components

Code Library for Citizen Developer Collaboration

The Code Library for copy and paste code for citizen developers and the home for a collaborative developer community

List of Processes for Potential AI Automation

HR processes that could potentially benefit from AI automation and plug in to the HR Microservices application framework. To access the Confluence online version contact HR Microservices for login credentials.

Interoperable Blockchain Applications

For a list of potential API connection points for interoperable blockchain see the Interoperability section